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Simple safety measures to secure your sliding glass door

 Simple safety measures to secure your sliding glass door

To keep your home safe and to make your sliding doors secure, All Sliding Door Repairs are providing some safety and security tips to you.

Block the track from the inside:

To block the easy sliding very far for burglars depending upon your sliding door’s size keep a deep space on the inside so that you can fill it with a material which stops your door to do so.

Full coverage curtains:

Covering your windows with curtains is a good option that will prevent the burglars from knowing your presence in your home. We know that if burglars enter homes when they know that home is vacant.

Installing a commercial locking:

There are many commercial locks available in local hardware store. These locks can be installed with almost all types of sliding doors. This commercial locking system has both key and locks options and also with battery powered audible alarms.

Wire your in -home alarm system:

You can easily connect your in-home alarm system to your sliding door with the help of alarm technicians. So if you set the alarm, you will receive warning if somebody opens your sliding door.

Reinforce glass doors and windows with safety and security film:

Safety and security film is a thick, optically clear barrier film bonded professionally inside yourdoors and windows which reinforces the glass and helps it to hold safely in place upon impact. This security film protects you from burglars as well as from extreme weather impacts.

If none work of the above works… replace your slider:

If you think that none will work with existing sliding doors and windows, then the final solution is other than replacing your slider because family security is the most important thing than any other. We strictly recommend hiring a professional while installing new sliding door, as your security upgrades may be failed if it is not properly done

Hope you find the above sliding glass door security tips helpful. Let us know if you want further help. Click here to drop our comments!