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All Sliding Door Repairs blog’s are written to share valuable information which we gained thorough our services. We love to share it and hope you love to read it. We are sharing some doorknob buying tips in this blog below for you. Stay tuned we will update our blogs weekly.

Doorknobs buying tips

 Doorknobs Gold Coast

The most important thing in your home is doors .It is important because it gives security and pleasant appearance to homes. To add the beauty of doors you must carefully select the door hardware. There are various types of door hardware available in market. So while planning to buy doorknob or lockset for your exterior or interior doors, you must have a clear idea about the different varieties of locks and handles.

It is overwhelming to see the vast array of door locks and handles but if you have a clear idea regarding the type of hardware you are planning to purchase, you can sort it out quickly. The main differences you can find are:

  • Design changes of exterior and interior doors
  • Locking mechanism features
  • Security features
  • Handles with and without locks
  • Completely designed for aesthetic pleasure

Whatever it may be doorknobs or locksets should be efficient and smooth in working and of course should be secured too. Although beauty of locks and handles is an important criteria to choose, quality is also really needed.


Interior locks or interior knobs are commonly used in bedrooms and bathrooms. It is called privacy locks and mostly has a push button lock on one side. It is available in bronze, chrome, brass and many other finishes. Although it is available in both cylindrical and mortise style, cylindrical locksets are used in contemporary doors because it is easy to install.


Compared to interior doorknobs exterior doorknobs or locks are heavier and durable. It is called security locks and can be opened or closed both from inside and outside using key, button or throw latch.

Before going to replace existing doorknob or buying new doorknob please check the following.:

Thickness of doors: Normally the thickness of interior doors is 1 3/8 inches and exteriors 1 ¾. If this is not your doors’ thickness then you should buy special doorknobs.

Measure the back set dimension: Measurement of the door from its edge to the center of the bore hole is called back set dimension.

Type of lockset: Fix whether you are buying cylindrical or mortise.

Fix a Budget: Plan your budget which you can afford on your doorknob

Checkout for warranties and return policies: Plan your budget which you can afford on your doorknob

Whatever may be your choice, if you select hardware with good finish and good quality one, it will last for long years.