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Some of the common commercial door problems are discussed in this blog and tips to fix if it is small. Stay tuned we will update our blogs weekly.

Basic commercial door repair facts

 Basic commercial door repair facts

Sometimes one just cannot avoid problems that come in commercial doors although they are made to withstand a high volume of rough usage. Commercial doors are created to match the specific requirements of business and it is made of strong, high quality materials. Due to this you cannot repair it always by yourself as major problems can only be fixed by professionals.

The first common problem you may face with the door locks and handles, because they are subject to most of the abuse. Replacing them is not as difficult as you think but you may need few special tools and need to spend some of your valuable hours to do it because it is a commercial door. But please make sure that you follow regulations for safety standards.

You can remove the simple push and pull handles by removing the screws in each corner that holds to the door. If this is removed you can pull the handle off the door. Next thing you can do is sliding the cover plate off of the doorknob for exposing the screws. The cover plate just snaps into place without any fasteners generally and if you face bit trouble in getting it off, just twist it around till it slides out easily. When the screws are exposed, remove the one that holds the lever or knob in its place. Once you removed these, carefully take each side of the lever or knob in your hand and slowly pull them apart.

Check for a small opening in the handle. There will be a small hole that in generally located on the side that goes to the inside of the building, which prevents tampering with the doorknob from the outside. Use a small pin or screw driver to insert into the hole. This will help to hit a release button that will allow you to remove the handle completely from the door. After removing it easily replace the door knob or lever as per the given instruction of the commercial door repair.

Although we provide tips to repair, it is not always advisable to repair by yourself. You must strictly follow the guidelines and if fails it will cause you more damage or may result in replacing the door entirely. Make sure it is done correctly and if you need any expert advice, All Sliding Door Repairs are ready to help you always.