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Tips to Clean Sliding Glass Doors

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Sliding Glass Doors are loved by home makers from many decades as it adds the beauty of home. When compared to other sliding doors glass sliding doors are easy to maintain and durable.

As we are opening and closing the glass sliding doors several times daily, Sliding glass doors becomes dirty. Sometimes it gets dirtier from winds. Although you clean your sliding glass doors daily, you may not clean and remove the dirt and stains from it. Normally you use some glass cleaners available in market by mixing it with water or ready to clean solutions. You just clean the glass and handles and ignore the tracks.

Here are some of the tips to clean your sliding glass doors.

  • Take a cotton cloth or newspaper pieces wipe your glass sliding doors and make it dry.
  • Take four glasses of water and add 2 teaspoons of vinegar and mix it well in a big bowl.
  • Just dip a piece of newspaper or cotton cloth into this solution
  • Wipe the glass sliding doors with it.
  • Repeat this until it becomes tidy
  • Make your Glass Sliding doors dry by wiping it with dry pieces of newspaper(s) or dry cotton cloth.

Wait, your job is not finished. Do you want to make it move smoothly as before? To make your sliding doors’ movement fast and good just follow the steps too mentioned below:

  • Remove the sliding glass doors from track either by locating the lower rollers and raise them off the track using screw drivers or grasp it on at its each end lift upwards as you pull your sliding doors towards yourself.
  • Clean the tracks using regular brush or wire brush. To clean the edges wire brush is better.
  • Rust blocks the door from smooth sliding. So remove the rust with steel wool
  • Climatic changes and constant opening and closing of doors may cause grime and the oil used to lubricate gets thickened and form grease in tracks. So to remove this use toothbrush with its bristles dipped in acetone. Rub inside the top and bottom sections of tracks and remove the grease fully. Wipe the track with terry cloth towel.
  • Use lubricating grease to make the movement of your sliding doors smooth.
  • Replace the sliding doors now and close and open the sliding doors several times to distribute the lubricate grease on tracks and wheels fully.